Process & Application


The Drawing Process

An excerpt from the documentary STREAMERART, by Barbara Summers



A quick look at Rosenblatt working on one of his Streamer Art drawings and how each piece becomes its own
subconscious statement.


Demo video 1

Apparel and Accessories



Streamer Art images become especially dynamic when Rosenblatt's patterning system is utilized for fabric and hard good materials in the development of apparel and accessory brand extensions.


Glass Etching & Light Sensitive Film



Streamer Art section designs are easily scaled and downloaded to most manufacturers for digital or laser etching, photo transfer and film lamination onto glass, steel, Lexan or PVC.


Exterior Murals



Streamer image files of any size can be generated, downloaded, and transferred onto large format templates, digitally etched onto metal, or directly painted and sealed underneath a clear, UV resistant coat onto almost any exterior surface material.


Energy Efficient Lighted Wall Murals



Combining efficient, ambient lighting with artistic design, Streamer Art section images can be inexpensively printed on film and installed behind lighted clear and translucent surfaces with low energy systems that adjust the ambient light automatically. Image change out is easy and creates flexible, seasonal or occasion oriented decor accenting.